Welcome to the Stretch Panic WikiEdit

Stretch Panic wiki is a wiki made for the game Stretch Panic, also known as Freak Out and Hippa Linda. Stretch Panic wiki provides info about the characters and areas in the game. Any registered user can create or edit any article and help building this wiki.

The Main ideaEdit

Stretch Panic is a game where you play as Linda, a sweet big- headed girl. Linda has 12 sisters who use Linda as a servant to please their vain needs. One day the demons of Vanity send a gift to all 13 sisters, including Linda. The gift was to turn each of the sisters into a demon that would resemble their vanity. The demon that was meant for Linda curses Linda's scarf, but because Linda had been treating the scarf so well, the scarf wants to help Linda save her sisters. Linda follows the demons of Vanity to their odd rubber world where Linda must fight using her scarf to stretch things. Linda must collect points in exit doors by pinching big breasted girls from their bottom. Linda needs points to enter the worlds her sisters rule and to exorcise the demons out of the sisters. Linda can defeat the demons without exorcising them, but it won't advance the game. There are 4 exit levels and 12 boss fights, one for every sister. Once the demon is exorcised and defeated, you can see the sister in human form. There are no canon human forms for the sisters, except Linda, and they randomly change every time you defeat the demon. The game ends when all of the demons have been exorcised and defeated.

Latest activityEdit

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